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Brand Reveal! child + Friend

I was so excited when Jessica asked me to create the brand identity for child + Friend. You want me to brand a company that supports women and loves it's community? Um... yes please! Jessica Diggs, a doula and child + Friend's founder, saw a need for an on-call babysitting service within her doula community and decided to find a way to fill that need! As a doula, you are on-call whenever any of your clients are near their due date, meaning you have to drop everything and go to your client at a moments notice. Most women in this field who have kids have a hard time finding last minute babysitters when one of their mamas goes into labor. After witnessing this need for a few months, Jessica knew she had to do something to help and child +Friend was born! Now that her dream has become a reality, Child + Friend not only supports doulas but is a company that provides a variety of childcare services in order to support parents and their endeavors by providing quality childcare.

Jessica wanted the brand to feel fun, professional and approachable. I used a bold and bright color palette to make the brand feel playful and welcoming while not making it feel too childish, no pun intended :) . The icon is a butterfly made of two leaves. Both the leaves and butterfly represent growth. The leaves placed together create the butterfly and represent the safe and creative environment your child will experience when in the care of child + Friend's excellent sitters. 

Below is an overview of the final brand identity!

I love having the opportunity to create a brand identity from scratch, then apply it to multiple mediums... Especially a company who's mission aligns so perfectly with the type of people and businesses I want to work with. A business that wants to love and serve people :) I worked with programmer Kim Fox to create the beautiful website! You can see it at Enjoy!