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A quick update


After years of failed new year’s resolutions, I joined the “I’m just going to choose one word and focus on it” club. Do you know anyone else that does this? My word this year is self discipline. I’ve slowly realized over the past couple years that most of the frustrations with my personal life and business come down to a lack of self discipline. Honestly, I should have focused on this quality much sooner but have been putting it off because well… I’m not self disciplined. It’s hard being consistent and making sacrifices for your future self. Becoming a mom and having a little person around you all the time that absorbs all your habits, good and bad, has really motivated me to become a better version of myself. It has also increased the importance of productivity during the work day as every minute with childcare is precious (any of the mamas out there agree?).  I’ve been working from home on and off over that past 8 years and have learned some great tips and tricks for staying happy and healthy while working. It’s been a slow discovery process and I’m excited to continue to grow in this area as I focus on adding more self-discipline to my work and personal life. I will share my past discoveries and new practices in hopes you’ll learn now what has taken me years. This includes self care, simple exercises and recipes, work/life balance, home workspaces and other healthy habits us chair sitting, screen staring people can be doing to make work better!


My husband and I are happily living in the city with our baby girl. Becoming a mom has been the best thing to happen to me in my life. My journey in motherhood can be summed up nicely from a instagram post I wrote a little while back.

Motherhood has me living in a weird space where seemingly conflicting things exist together. I am constantly busy yet bored, time moves slowly and yet so quickly, I feel like a need a minute alone but miss my baby the moment we are apart, I am exhausted yet joyful and feel like being a mom is so familiar yet foreign... And I appreciate every amazing moment of it. I am so humbled and thankful to be a mama.

Do you have any questions about working from home? Let me know in the comments below!