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Brand Reveal! & How It Was Made

I knew two lines into the inquiry email from Yazzi that she was a dream client. Her desire to serve and empower woman, paired with the aesthetic she described for her brand, was perfection. Her mission? Providing career driven women who are experiencing burnout an exit strategy from their corporate life, and giving resources to live simply, purposefully and adventurously. Pretty great right? I'm going to take advantage of this great project to show you 1) the final product 2) a behind the scenes look at the branding process, step by step. 

1. Brand Discovery Homework

Brand Discovery homework is a google doc full of questions to help dig deeper into your business, it's mission, voice and meaning. I was able to help Yazzi write a mission statement for SimpleGoldLife and narrow the essence of her brand into a few words: honest, adventurous, fun, empowering, and genuine.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.54.09 PM.png

2. Mood Board

After a phone call discussing the brand homework, I hone in on creating a visual representation for the business. A mood board helps make sure Yazzi and I are on the same page visually. 

3. logo & brand development

After the mood board is approved, I get to one of my favorite parts in the process, research and sketching! It starts with word lists to help inspire visuals, then to sketching out concepts, then usually scanning refined sketches in and bringing them into illustrator to create a digital version. 

Word lists on word lists.

Word lists on word lists.

My messy sketchbook.

My messy sketchbook.

All those sketches turing into reality in my "digital" sketchbook.  

All those sketches turing into reality in my "digital" sketchbook.  

4. Brand identity presentation

Once I've sorted through the mess of ideas I've created I choose one logo and refine it. Then I create some other graphics to support the color palette and brand we've established from the homework. I send it over in a presentation online. Yazzi, had no changes (like i said earlier, dream client!).

5. final logo & brand identity

Because there weren't any changes we moved right along to finalizing files and delivery! With those files is a brand board which serves as a branding "cheat sheet", it helps give you an idea of how to use the newly crafted visual identity to support and communicate who you are and what you do as a business.


6. Collateral

I love being able to create additional pieces after the branding is complete for my clients. Here are some Pinterest graphics and business cards created to beautifully support SimpleGoldLIfe's branding. 


Thanks Yazzi for what you're adding to the world and for trusting me through the branding process! 
Have any other questions about my process? Please comment below or email me. I'd love to chat!

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