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Simplegoldlife is


Simplegoldlife appeals to a woman who is very career driven yet seeks to have a meaningful life beyond work. She wants to live fully in both the personal and professional aspects of her life. The custom hand lettering used in the logo embodies the many intricacies of the ideal simplegoldlife woman. The lettering’s organic nature creates an honest and fun feel. If you look closely, the letters and line have a slight bleed or imperfect outline to them to make it feel like they were written on paper and the ink bled into the pages. This creates a personal feel, like someone wrote it at the top of their travel journal before starting their next adventure. The letters are heavily slanted to create movement. When brainstorming ideas for this design, the word movement and action came to mind. The movement created here represents the reader moving forward towards their ideal life. The differing weights in each letter created a grounded, balanced feel, referencing the importance of feeling grounded while traveling. Both the horizontal and vertical (shown below) versions of the logo have a lot of versatility and will look great applied across many different platforms.


Simplegoldlife provides career driven women who are experiencing burnout an exit strategy from their corporate life, giving resources to live simply, purposefully and adventurously.

I've added a darker blue and gold to the color scheme than originally included on the mood board. I felt the palette was missing depth. The darker colors add boldness to the brand identity. 


The pattern on the far left is inspired by moroccan tile. The pattern in the middle is created out of reflections or glimmers of light, like when the light hits gold. The final pattern is created from a mixture of the icons created for your brand. 


I've created two 'stamps' (far left square) that incorporate your tag line. These were inspired by passport stamps. They will be really fun to place over different elements in your branding. I've added some examples of how to use them below. 



The collateral pieces below are hypothetical examples of this brand identity in action. I've found it helps clients when making decisions to see the possible ways the brand elements can be applied. None of the designs below are "set in stone" at all. They are purely to help you get a general idea of the aesthetic of the brand. The submark below could be great for social media profile images. 


As always, let me know if you have any questions. Please let me know your thoughts in the next couple days (Friday at the latest). After receiving your feedback, I'll make any needed revisions and send you the updated proposal for you to approve. I look forward to your feedback!

Have a great rest of your day!